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The fee for non-members to be married at Metropolitan Memorial is $3,000. This fee includes the use of the Sanctuary, a room for both wedding parties, altar candles, and the organ. In addition, the fee includes the services of the organist and the host for both the rehearsal and the ceremony.

Please contact Dona Collary to arrange your wedding here at Metropolitan.

The fee for members of Metropolitan to be married here is $1,500, with members being encouraged to contribute more as they are able to do so. An honorarium for the minister performing your ceremony and providing for your counseling is not included in the above fees. If you are holding a reception at the church and wish to serve alcohol, you will need to request permission from the Board of Trustees prior to the event via our Executive Director of Operations.

If you are a non-member, the minister’s fee is $500. A deposit of $1,500 for non-members, and $750 for members, will confirm your wedding date. The balance is due thirty days prior to the wedding.

To ensure that the commitments inherent in marriage are as strong as possible, couples being married at Metropolitan Memorial are required to undergo marriage counseling. The nature of these sessions varies depending upon the minister the couple chooses to perform the ceremony. The counseling may be provided by either the minister or another qualified professional; however, the minister reserves the right of approval for those who are to provide the counseling. If you will be coming to one of our ministers for counseling, the couple is expected to begin the counseling at least six months prior to the wedding. It is the policy of Metropolitan Memorial that our organist, Bruce Caviness, has first right to play for all weddings conducted at Metropolitan Memorial. In special cases where the wedding couple may prefer to ask another musician to play our sanctuary organ, Mr. Caviness must approve the substitute and be satisfied with the musician’s competency and experience.

The wedding ceremony is a religious service and only appropriate music may be chosen. Mr. Caviness is authorized to discuss and approve all musical selections for wedding conducted at Metropolitan. He will be happy to suggest a rich and varied repertoire of music from which selections may be made.

Since a wedding is a religious ceremony, it is also appropriate to select hymns to be sung by the congregation. Either the minister or the organist will be happy to discuss this with you. If you should desire to use additional instrumentalist for the wedding—i.e., harp, strings, or brass, etc.—you may consult the organist for recommendations or make your own arrangements.