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For Each Other

Metropolitan’s Congregational Care Ministry offers comfort, care and encouragement to all members of our church family. This team actively seeks out those with mental, physical, social or spiritual needs as it recruits volunteers and prepares them to help in a skillful way. All come together as equals in confidentiality with an intent to be fully present. The team relies with trusting faith on prayer, generous listening, Christ’s example and God’s presence during times of challenge or transition.

Prayer Chain

The Prayer Chain team prays daily for persons with special concerns. This ministry supports those facing illness, bereavement, family crisis or other difficulties. Anyone may add their confidential requests by contacting one of Metropolitan’s ministers, submitting a prayer concern below, or by completing a prayer request card available in the pews on Sunday morning (for deposit in the offering plate or church office). 
To learn more, contact Rev. Drema McAllister-Wilson or Dona Collary, Pastoral
Care Assistant.

Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry is a lay support for persons seeking a caring presence in the midst of difficult times. Stephen Ministers undergo fifty hours of training in one-to-one care for the bereaved, hospitalized, terminally ill, separated, divorced, unemployed or others in crisis. People in need receive Christ-centered, confidential care for as long as necessary. The lay caregivers discover and cultivate their spiritual gifts under the supervision of our ordained ministers. This ministry centers on listening and prayer. It is not psychotherapy but rather a shared journey toward emotional and spiritual well-being. To train as a Stephen Minister or to request the support of one, please contact Rev. Drema McAllister-Wilson.

Visitor Corps

As a community of followers of Jesus Christ, the Visitors' Corps seeks to live out the commandment "that you love one another as I have loved you" by visiting persons within the Metropolitan community who are homebound, in nursing homes, or experience social or spiritual isolation. It is our belief that the ministry of presence that we provide and lift a person spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, strengthening their relationship with this church and with God. To join the team or request a visit, contact Rev. Drema McAllister-Wilson or Pastoral Care Assistant Dona Collary.

Bereavement Ministry

Family or friends may inscribe the name of a loved one into Metropolitan’s Book of Departed Saints that is lifted in prayer every year during All Saints Sunday worship. The sacred ritual of writing the names of those deceased can offer comfort during times of grief. For more information, contact Rev. Drema McAllister-Wilson or Pastoral Care Assistant, Dona Collary.