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Give a Gift

Your support of The Metropolitan Church (Metropolitan Memorial, Wesley, and St. Luke's Mission Center) and its ministries is a blessing. Below are four of the options to support our ministries. If you have specific questions about making a gift to Metropolitan or its ministries, please contact the Executive Director of Operations.

Option 1 - Donate Through our “E-GIVING” Service

One of the options available to donors at The Metropolitan Church is our “E-GIVING” service. Using this service, you can make donations using your banking or saving account, your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. Please note that the church pays a small fee for these transactions. We have worked diligently to find a quality and economical service to facilitate these transactions.

Simply sign up here and enter your information, indicating how often you would like to make the donation, and let “E-GIVING” do the rest. When your transaction is processed, “E-GIVING” will even email you a notice and receipt that you can use for your personal records and to place in the offering plate. In addition, you can use “E-GIVING” to process any number of transactions to Metropolitan (i.e: VBS registration payments, Nursery School payments, Altar Flower payments, etc.)

Option 2 - Making Electronic Transfers from your Bank

Many people have a “bill pay” option with their local bank. Using this feature, you can set up regular drafts from your account and direct them to to the church, using Metropolitan Memorial's name and address (if you are from our Wesley and St. Luke's sister sites, know that this will still support the ministries of our unified budget and mission; Metropolitan simply serves as our administrative hub.) Your bank will then process the transaction for you and mail Metropolitan a check. Many banks offer the flexibility of a one-time payment or regularly scheduled payments (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.) Please be sure, when setting up your “bill pay” transactions to list clearly in the memo line where your transaction should be directed (i.e: pledge, building, etc.). For more information on the “bill pay” option, please consult your local bank.

Option 3 - Making a Gift of Stock

There are several tax advantages to making donations via stock, for instance saving on the Capital Gains Tax. Please see your tax professional for more information on the benefits of making donations via stock. The Metropolitan Church has an arrangement with a local broker who will process your stock donations. As a general rule, our church does not retain the stock when transferred. We try to liquidate the stock as soon as received or shortly thereafter so as to make the funds available immediately for mission and ministry. For information regarding how to initiate this type of donation, please contact the Executive Director of Operations.

Option 4 - Making a Planned Gift through a Charitable Trust, Annuity, or Bequest

Another option for donating to The Metropolitan Church is through a planned gift utilizing a charitable trust, annuity, or bequest. This allows you to support the work of the church with your lifetime assets and ensure that your legacy of generosity continues beyond your lifetime. Metropolitan’s “Reredos Society” honors those who have made a legacy gift to the church.

For information regarding a planned gift, you are encouraged to consult your personal financial or legal advisors. Also, please be sure to be contact the church and speak to Rev. Dr. Charles Parker, Senior Pastor, or the Executive Director of Operations, to see how Metropolitan can support you in this process.