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The campus ministry team was formed in the fall of 2008 to build connections between Metropolitan and the students, faculty and staff of American University. Although directly across the street, and a Methodist institution founded with help from Metropolitan, the university community had not been directly engaged by the church for many years.

Today, we partner with the AU United Methodist Chaplain to support the AU United Methodist worshiping community in several ways.

  • Once a month volunteers join the students for their Sunday evening worship and provide home cooked food for the fellowship time which follows the service.
  • The Pastoral Associate for Campus Outreach leads a study group for students at Metropolitan. The Associate also participates in on-campus events to provide additional pastoral support for the campus chaplain.
  • The Terrace Room (behind the Vestry) has been transformed into a student lounge. The newly refurbished room has free Wifi and is stocked with snacks and drinks. It is a place for students to relax, socialize and study. The Pastoral Associate for Campus Outreach holds office hours in the lounge on Thursday evenings. Students can also gain access to the lounge during church office hours by requesting the key at the reception desk.
  • In the spring the campus ministry team coordinates a Lenten Devotional written by and for the members of The Metropolitan Church and the AU United Methodists Community.
  • A graduate-student group meets weekly for dinner and study during the summer break.
  • Each August, team members attend welcome week activities organized by the United Methodist Chaplain to extend a greeting to new students from the church.

The activities of the campus ministry team have nurtured many connections between team members and AU students. To expand the opportunities to form relationships beyond the committee, we sponsor or co-sponsor one to two service projects each year to foster intergenerational opportunities for students and congregants to serve together.

If you are interested in learning more about our programs, contact David Hosey.