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Sunday School

Summer Sundays of Service

During the Summer, our children will meet during the study hour for a chance to live out their faith through service. Past service projects have included making meals for the shelter, preparing sandwiches for Grate Patrol, creating dog toys for the animal shelter, writing letters to the troops, and drawing birthday cards for Metropolitan’s birthday card ministry.

Summer Sundays of Service are also a perfect chance for adults to volunteer with our kids. If you could offer one Sunday morning this summer, you would give our Sunday school teachers a much-needed vacation, show our children that the adults of this community love and support them, and get to spend time with some amazing, funny, caring kids. Sign up here to volunteer or contact Rev. Janet Craswell.


Godly Play at Metropolitan - Fall 2015

During the academic year, the focus of our Christian Education at Metropolitan is Godly Play. Godly Play is an interpretation of a Montessori religious education that imparts many of the well-known stories of the Bible in a contemplative way. In a Godly Play classroom, children are provided an opportunity to listen to these stories, wonder about their meaning, and then interpret these stories through art, reflection, and movement. According to one of the founders of Godly Play, the lessons of Godly Play are an imaginative approach to working with children that supports, challenges, nourishes, and guides their spiritual quest.

Throughout the school year, various special events on Sunday morning amplify the children’s learning. These include a Children’s Arts Showcase, in which the children share some of their art work as reflected in their Godly Play classrooms, service work, the Children’s Celebration service at the culmination of the academic school year, and more.

Currently, Metropolitan has five Sunday School classes, each of which explore a different segment of the Godly Play curriculum. 

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Little Wonders


Held in Room 101: This class uses the Young Children and Worship curriculum, a simplified telling of the Godly Play stories for the very youngest classmates. This class is an excellent introduction to the Godly Play class structure and it is recommended that children who are three and four years old who have not been in a Godly Play classroom join this class.

The story schedule is found here.

Godly Players

Kindergartener and 1st Graders

Held in Room 200: This class uses the Young Children and Worship curriculum, a simplified telling of the Godly Play stories for the very youngest classmates.

The story schedule is found here.

Joyful Spirits

2nd Graders

Held in Room 202: This class is a traditional Godly Play classroom that uses vols. 2, 3, and 4 of the Complete Guide to Godly Play. The class generally explores Old Testament stories in the fall and New Testament stories in the Spring.

The story schedule is found here.

Bible Explorers

3rd and 4th graders

Held in Room 203: This class spends the year fully exploring stories of the ministry of Jesus, using a recently published curriculum, volume 8, from Godly Play. In addition, the students will delve into Old Testament stories not covered previously.

The story schedule is found here.

Young Disciples

5th graders

Held in Room 201: Our tweens' class uses the Grow, Proclaim, Serve! curriculum which incorporates Bible stories, activities, crafts, media, and games into a full faith experience. Using major themes from the Bible, these children develop the skills to unlock the Bible message as well as apply their faith in meeting the challenges of growing up. The class also spends time in serving ministries. Past projects have included leading worship services at Grand Oaks senior resident community at Sibley Hospital and making meals for Metro House, the homeless shelter at Metropolitan.

A typical Sunday morning at Metropolitan…

Sunday morning for families typically begins with the 9am worship service, which features a children’s sermon that is tied to the morning’s sermon theme and/or sermon series currently underway. After the children’s sermon, youngsters are encouraged to participate in one of the two children’s choirs that rehearse during the remainder of the 9am service. Choir rehearsal ends at 10am, at which point, children transition to their Sunday school classes. The study hour begins at 10:10am and concludes at 11am. Parents must be on time to pick up their child from Sunday school. For their safety, children are not allowed to roam the hallways looking for their parents at the conclusion of Sunday school.