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Didn’t catch the sermon this week? Subscribe here to our weekly podcast. Are you looking for a specific sermon or series, you can find those on this page as well. Series and specific Sundays are listed chronologically below.

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2016 Sermons

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July Sermon Series
“Peace of Mind: Mental Health in the Movies”
10am - One Worship Service at Metropolitan Memorial

11am - Rockin' Gospel Choir at Wesley (5312 Connecticut Ave., NW)
For the last several summers, our sermon series have focused on Gospel messages running through movies. This July, we will explore films with themes around mental and emotional health. There are several reasons to spend some time with this issue, one of which is the way in which we continue to stigmatize those who wrestle with mental health issues. Depression, substance abuse, and any number of illnesses plague many members of our church community and our family, friends, and neighbors; and by stigmatizing these conditions, we often make it harder for people to get the help that they need. Additionally, mental and emotional health happens primarily through life in the community: when we build life-giving relationships and engage in transformative work. Come join us for “Peace of Mind: Mental Health in the Movies” during the Sundays in July!

On the Friday evening before each of these sermons, come watch the movie in the Youth Room (Room 206) at Metropolitan Memorial – with popcorn, of course!

  • July 1 at 7pm: the film "Inside Out" will be shown
  • July 8 at 7pm: the film "The Soloist" will be shown
  • July 15 at 7pm: the film "A Beautiful Mind" will be shown
  • July 22 at 7pm: the film "Dead Poets Society" will be shown
  • July 29 at 7pm: the films "Birdman" will be shown 


  • June 26 - Determined to Go to Jerusalem; Scriptures: 2 Kings 2:1-2, 6-14; Luke 9:51-62
  • June 19 - Can We Talk?; Scriptures: Acts 15:1-21; Rev. Dr. Charles Parker
  • June 12 - Claiming the Promise; Scriptures: Joshua 24: 14-18; 2 Corinthians 5: 16-19; Rev. Dr. Charles Parker
  • June 5 - Home in Exile; Scriptures: Jeremiah 29: 1-2, 4-7; Luke 7: 11-17; Matt Berryman, Executive Director of Reconciling Ministries Network


  • May 29 - Saying Goodbye; Scriptures: Acts 20: 17-38; Rev. Dr. Charles Parker
  • May 22 - Choices; Scriptures: Matthew 16:13-21; Romans 5:1-8; Patrick Landau
  • May 15 - A Spirit of Adoption; Scriptures: Acts 2:1-21 and Romans 8:14-17; Rev. Kate Payton
  • May 8 - Ask the Pastor; Scriptures: Proverbs 2:1-8; Rev. Dr. Charles Parker
  • May 1 - God is Always with Us; Scriptures: John 14: 23-29; Revelation 21: 10, 22-25; Reflections from the Young Disciples Class (Courtney Rommel, Ellie Pugh, Grace Williams, Mikayla Query and Emma Klick)





  • January 31 - Leaders and Demagogues; Scriptures: 1 Samuel 8:10-18; Matthew 27:15-23; Rev. Dr. Charles Parker; Sermon Transcript
  • January 24 - Exploitation of the Earth; Scriptures: Psalm 104:24-30; Romans 8:18-28 (Worship cancelled due to inclement weather)
  • January 17 - Hate and Madness; Scriptures: Genesis 4:1-7; Ephesians 4:25-27; Rev. Dr. Charles Parker; Sermon Transcript
  • January 10 - The Power of Awe; Scriptures: Genesis 28:10-17; Matthew 17:1-8; Rev. Dr. Charles Parker; Sermon Transcript
  • January 03 - Suspicious Package; Scriptures: Isaiah 60:1-6 and “The Journey of the Magi” TS Eliot; Rev. Dottie Yunger

2015 Sermons