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Worship Services

We invite you to join the Metropolitan community in worship as we seek to bring together the gifts of scripture, tradition, experience, and reason to empower and enrich our lives and our journeys. Worship services at Metropolitan are a key element in the expression of our vision and mission as a community of faith. We are all on individual journeys, seeking to understand the meaning and purpose of our lives. In the faith community, we meet to share those journeys with each other so that we can learn from our differing experiences. The worship services offered at Metropolitan vary in style. We welcome you to find a service that is the right fit for you.


Sundays in July and Augut
10am - One Worship Service at Metropolitan Memorial
11am - Rockin' Gospel Choir at Wesley (5312 Connecticut Ave., NW)

At Metropolitan Memorial this summer, our congregations have merged to worship together at the 10am hour. Our music and worship is a blend of both our 9am and 10:30am services. Our choirs’ members sing hymns together and our soloists provide special music. This is a wonderful opportunity for ALL of our congregation to share in the music and worship styles of both services and to hear some spectacular music. You won’t want to miss it! If you would prefer a later morning worship, consider joining with our Wesley community at 11am. We will return to two worship times at Metropolitan Memorial in the fall with minor changes being made to encourage more opportunities for community both here and with Wesley.


Beginning Sunday, September 4


Our 9am Dayspring worship is a family-friendly, less formal service. The welcoming time includes singing a variety of praise music and a congregational greeting time. Following the Scripture reading, the children are invited to come forward for “The Children’s Time” when a story or short activity reinforces the Scripture or theme. The children then have an opportunity to go to the nursery, to sing in age-appropriate children’s choirs, or return to sit with their parents. The sermon is preached from the floor and prayers are led by a lay liturgist. The Dayspring choir sings a variety of music including contemporary, gospel, and traditional, and includes small, ensemble pieces. Congregational members are encouraged to sing solo pieces, when appropriate.

10:30am WORSHIP (Please note time change)

Metropolitan’s worship service at 10:30am is in a formal, traditional style. We gather and center for worship with an organ prelude, and begin worship with congregational singing and the procession of choir and clergy. We recall God’s promises with responsive readings and Scripture. Lay members service as readers and liturgists. The sermon is preached from the pulpit and the Chancel Choir sings a variety of music including a cappella anthems and masterworks. Infant and toddler care is available for the children of families attending the service.


Our 11am worship service at Wesley (5312 Connecticut Ave., NW) is a truly diverse and welcoming service with a rocking Gospel choir.