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UMW Book and Bake Sale

Book & Bake Sale


The 2017 Book & Bake sale has expanded to a three-day event and will be February 24-26.

Our book drive will be held Sunday February 19 and Monday February 20, from 10 am and 2 pm. Drive into our church parking lot with your boxes of book donations. Volunteers will unload your books from your car and give you a receipt. Other donations accepted throughout that week in the Vestry of the church building. We accept all types of books, DVDs, CDs, and vinyl records. However, we cannot sell cassette or VCR tapes, textbooks, magazines or outdated travel books, published more than five years ago.

The Book Sale will be held on Friday, February 24 (9am to 1pm); Saturday, February 25 (8am to 3pm) and Sunday, February 26 (9am to 11am). Check out our 1000s of titles well-organized and priced to move! A wonderful bake sale rounds out the event, with a beautiful array of cookies, quick breads, brownies, and two selections of homemade soups.

The United Methodist Women are proud to announce that proceeds from this year's sale will benefit two organizations. EduCare, a pre-school program for DC children living in poverty in Ward 7 & 8, and American University students planning a Spring service trip to West Virginia, will both receive funds from this year's sale.

For more information, contact or tweet @metropolitanumw.